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  • 122792
    1.00mm diameter SC edge strip blade
  • 122793
    0.05 inch diameter 2CLR 0.134 inch centers multico
  • 122794
    0.11 inch diameter 2CLR 0.134 inch centers multico
  • 123020-1.50
    1.50mm diameter CLR strip blade
  • 123020-2.00
    2.00mm diameter CLR strip blade
  • 123020-2.50
    2.50mm diameter CLR strip blade
  • 123020-3.00
    3.00mm diameter CLR strip blade
  • 123020-3.40
    3.40mm diameter CLR strip blade
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About Lakes Precision

Our company was incorporated in 1991 as a focus manufacturer for wire processing perishable tooling. Through our customer interaction we realized the need for a single source manufacturer servicing the wire processing industry.

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With our industry experts we developed unique tooling and applications that met or exceeded our customers requirements. Today our sales and service network spans the globe providing quality blades and accessories.

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