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Our manufacturing capabilities reach beyond wire processing tooling. Lakes Precision extensive experience in creep-feed grinding, EDM, machining, flat grinding, and PVD coatings have allowed us to create relationships outside the wire processing industry. Today we have successfully provided complete parts for the agricultural, automotive, hand tool, hydraulic, medical, and packaging industries. These parts are provided with the same care and quality our customers have come to expect from a manufacturer with over 20 years of experience. Contact us today Lakes Precision will provide a prompt and competitive quote.

Creep-Feed Grinding

Creep-feed grinding

Creep-Feed or form grinding process allows a high rate of stock removal in a single pass. This grinding technique is often applied to high performance alloys or hardened materials. With multiple CNC machinines either single pass or reciprocating processes yield extremely consistent tolerances of up to .0002". Originally utilized for wire processing blade forms, creep-feed grinding can be applied to any industry where form integrity, high production, or cost reduction is required. Where conventional surface grinding might take minutes creep feed grinding can complete the same operation in seconds! Contact us today and see if creep feed grinding is the answer. Learn more...

Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Coating

Physical vapor deposition Coating PVD

Offering conventional or Nano PVD coatings Lakes Precision can provide a coating for your specific application. We offer titanium, titanium carbo nitrite, zirconium, and specially formulated coatings that make us unique in the coating industry. Our clean room environment provides the highest quality coatings and insured consistency from part to part.

Our coating vessels operate 24 hours a day offering attractive lead times, contact us today and find out which PVD coating is right for you. Learn more...

Electro Discharge Machining (EDM)

Considered one of the most accurate machining processes available, Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) could be the answer your looking for. EDM is the process of removing material using a series of electrical sparks in a carefully controlled manufacturing environment. Should you require distortion free manufacturing, unique or complex shapes, tooling or fixture cost reduction, or prototypes, EDM is the answer. Do you have exotic materials, hard metals, or tight tolerances, contact us today and find out if EDM is the solution. Our quality is guaranteed. Learn more...

Thru Feed Grinding

vertical thru feed grinding

Thru-Feed Grinding is a flat production machining process utilizing a belt feed system. Parts hardened or soft are passed under a vertical spindle wheel at varying speed rates and grinding pressures for precise stock removal.This process yields high production, single pass flat grinding for, but not exclusive to, stampings, fine blanked parts, or bar stock material removal. Lakes Precision Inc. equipment has stock removal rates up to .100 and consistently holds +/-.0005 tolerances for finished parts.Give us a call and learn more about the advantages of thru-feed grinding. Learn more...



Utilizing CNC horizontal machining centers Lakes Precision provides versatility in complete part manufacturing. With rotary type automatic pallet changers, production continues uninterrupted. Milling, tapping, or thru-hole, are some operations possible with the rapid tool indexing system. Fixturing single large or multiple small parts our experienced operators provide professional results. Contact us today and we can discuss how Lakes Precision will meet your machining requirements. Learn more...

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