Creep Feed Grinding

creep feed grinding

Creep Feed or profile/form grinding is a process that allows a high rate of stock removal in a single pass. This grinding technique is often applied to high performance alloys or hardened materials. Each CNC machine is capable of either single pass or reciprocating process which yield extremely consistent tolerances of up to .0002".

The Advantages of Creep Feed Grinding

Originally utilized for wire processing blade forms, creep feed grinding can be applied to any industry where form integrity, high production, or cost reduction is required.  Where conventional surface grinding might take minutes creep feed grinding can complete the same operation in seconds!  Contact us today and see if creep feed grinding is the answer.

Creep Feed Advantages:

  • Difficult to machine materials
  • Utilize CBN or aluminum oxide wheels
  • Single pass production
  • Cost reduction
  • Tighter tolerance profile/forms
  • Minimal burr
  • Versatile
  • Elevated production rate
  • Increased stock removal
  • Exceptional surface finish
  • Maintains part integrity

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